this i have thought while fighting off sorrow
that moses was raised by the daughter of pharoe
that evil breeds leaders for the holy to follow
what goes down bad today rises different tomorrow
rises different tomorrow

all the saints and psychotics who question our place
by living just living their awful beautiful ways
by making us look quiet unquiet straight in the face
monastaries asylums all locked in a safe
keeps us all safe

in the twists and turns of time if i find myself lost
i won't sell me soul no matter the cost
no matter the oceans or the deserts to cross
to find my way home to silver from dross
oh to silver from dross

when i find it too hard to fall down to sleep
i walk out the door out on to the street
if you can't find the shepherd look to the sheep
unfolding God's heart in the people we meet
in the people we meet