little black pebble in the Cape Cod sand
wild eyed girl picked me up in her hand
and she threw me
she threw me
into water so deep i could not stand
forgot what it felt like to rest on dry land
in the blue sea
the blue sea

but i could feel the moon
while she changed the tides
i'll be washed up soon
so i'll stay alive

alone mountain boy living in a tree
was sleeping one day when along came she
with a lantern light
a lantern light
he fed her his food, he poured her his tea
they talked about things they could agree
and they walked all night
they walked all night

and the moon
shone down on the woods
they heard the crickets' tune
and they understood

he was sitting in a cave made of frozen snow
lit a fire to warm his frost bit toes
when she walked inside
she walked inside
she said i'm sorry for throwing you a while ago
i think i lost my mind, lost my control
i'm glad you're alive
glad you're alive

and the moon
melted all the ice
she helped make men
out of all these mice