in this chainsaw of a world
where we all act as its teeth
we better decide what's right to eat
it better be fruit from the tree of life tree
better not go hunting to eat humanity
in this sweet bitter world of duality
we love

in this dark world when enlightenment said
"God is dead" it got way wrong read
and our critical thought went uncritically led
to open wounds left and bled
so we can pray to living God for a different kind of head
in this cold world where no one is fed
we love

in this one green and blue spinning round world
we build all our fences so incredibly high
building towers of babel while tears never dry
from the borders of nations to the lids of our eyes
blind to the babies and the old folk that cry
in this world where we all pass each other by
we love

in this broken down palace of a world
where we all really know how but don't try to fix
where nightmares and dreams make a maddening mix
where the people are rising and waking up quick
where we don't trust the cops or their billy club sticks
in this candle world that's burning by both wicks
we love

in this deconstructing world
where we don't know what it means to really construct
where we don't know when to say that we've carved enough
where what this season brings us is all up to us
where the sissors we cut with will all cut themselves up
in this falling down world that thinks it's so tough
we love