as my planet gently spins
i ask how did this all begin
and what am i doing here
turning round year after year

i am swinging back and forth
between emptiness and worth
i hope that i can maintain
dancing through this game

and i'm dancing,
i'm swinging,
i'm turning,
i'm spinning,
i'm walking...

i know this world be hard and cold
i had a lover who i could hold
now she's gone and i'm alone
sitting here with my flesh and bones

i hold her kiss and i let it go
into the myst where we all know
how dumb we've really been
missing this life has been our sin

and i'm sinning,
i'm living,
i'm sitting,
i'm holding,
i'm walking...

as above, so below
flying fire water flows
so i whisper this prayer in God's ear
i'm left swimming in a pool of tears

and as the wind begins to blow
i'm sent falling head over toes
and every thing seems much more clear
i'm afraid to say there's nothing to fear

but i'm just saying,
i'm falling,
i'm swimming,
i'm flying,
i'm walking...